Mineral Pure Copper Silver Ionization RC-50

Mineral Pure Copper Silver Ionization RC-50

Aqua Filter Pro Mineral Pure Copper Silver Ionization RC-50

Mineral-PURE ionization system consists of a state-of the-art micro-processor control box and a scientifically designed set of electrodes composed of copper or copper/silver. These are set slightly apart from one another. Water is passed through a specially designed flow cell chamber that houses the electrodes. The control box works by generating a precise, low-voltage, DC current (at milliamp levels) to the electrodes.

Basically, the current causes some of the outermost atoms of the electrodes to lose an electron, thus becoming positive ions. While the water is running through the chamber, many of these ions are swept away before they can reach the other side of the electrodes. As a result, copper or copper & silver ions are dispersed into the body of water that is being purified.


  • Mineral Pure Copper Silver Ionization RC-50-Features
  • Our most sophisticated ionizer ever built
  • Handles up to 50,000 gallon pools
  • Full digital readouts
  • Built-in ScaleBlaster unit to remove limescale
  • Includes test kit, user-friendly electrode assembly
  • NSF Listed
  • 2 – year warranty